How did hackers take control of Ferrari's website?

Published by Gus on
Red Ferrari Enzo image
Ethical hacker and bug bounty hunter Sam Curry reported that Ferrari’s subdomain was hosting a fake NFT (Non-Fungible Token) scam. The attackers exploited a flaw in the Adobe Experience Manager on the official website of Ferrari to hijack its subdomain and host the encrypted NFT... Read More

Can I make money with bug bounty? How much?

Published by Gus on
Yes, you can make money in bug bounty programs. Bug bounty programs are initiatives offered by companies and organizations that reward individuals for finding security vulnerabilities in their software or systems. Rewards can range from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars depend... Read More

What is a website vulnerability scanner

Published by Gus on
Website vulnerability scanner report sample
A website vulnerability scanner is an automated software designed to search for security vulnerabilities in a website. It scans for web vulnerabilities within web services, web servers, proxy servers, or web application servers. ... Read More
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