Adversary Emulation & Offensive Security

We recognize that standard penetration testing may not comprehensively evaluate your security defenses. Therefore, we provide adversary emulation and offensive security services to proactively assess and strengthen your security controls.

Build the true Defence in Depth

Embrace the True Impact - Focus on What Truly Matters

Don't Overlook the Small Ones

In the world of cybersecurity, no vulnerability is insignificant enough to disregard. Similar to hackers and APTs, we meticulously focus on every detail, emulating even the most minute aspects to leave no stone unturned in our security assessments.

Defence in Depth

Strengthen the concept of defence in depth, a strategy that creates layers of protection to keep your digital assets safe. This approach ensures that every aspect of your organization's security is covered, making it much harder for threat actors to breach your security.

Effective and Affordable

Discover cost-effective solutions for simulating real-world cyber threats. Our red teaming and adversary emulation services offer comprehensive security testing that won't drain your budget.


Testing as unique as your tech environment

Custom emulation

Custom emulation of any threat groups in your industry to make you be prepared and protected for any surprises.

Continuous security testing

Our continuous pentesting services will keep your organization, application and product safe and secure.

Zero False Positives
Cost effective
Save time and resource

Get a free vulnerability scan

Get a complimentary vulnerability scan for your website and submit the findings for validation

How are we different?

Our platform empowers you to streamline your vulnerability management and fortify your defences with precision. Experience peace of mind knowing you're addressing real security risks effectively with just a few clicks, enabling you to focus on what matters most - your security posture.

Maximized Security ROI: The Power of Targeted Pentesting

Time and budget constraints make it difficult to thoroughly test every aspect of your digital assets. That's why our targeted pentests are designed to hone in on the areas that matter most to you, providing peace of mind without breaking the bank.

One Size Does Not Fit All!

The security needs of each organization are distinct, making a one-size-fits-all approach ineffective for prioritizing patches. Our methodology assists you in "testing and validating" scan results, eliminating false positives, and establishing the order of patch importance

You're in great company.

5 / 5

Secruit provided us with unparalleled clarity regarding the potential threat of vulnerabilities within our application

Nick Aleks - CEO at ASEC, Author of Black Hat GraphQL

Global security talent available on-demand

Gain access to a community of vetted pentesters that suit your tech stack and your applications.

Crowdsourced talent

Find the right pentester talent most suited to your environment.

Fresh eyes

Leverage different perspectives in your ongoing tests. Get fresh eyes for rigorous vulnerability assessments.


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