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Pentest on the fly! Our API first model helps to quickly integrate into your pipeline for continuous security assessment. Let the skilled researchers across Canada break & help build you.

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We offer a range of high-quality security solutions that include pentesting, threat intel, and more, our automated testing systems give you peace of mind, highlighting vulnerabilities before they become an issue and ensuring that your data and systems are always protected, and secure.

Our comprehensive security initiatives include internal and external pentesting, network assessment, and CI/CD pipeline testing to deliver the most effective insight into security performance in the case of hacker attacks and other risks.

Our optimized testing delivers exceptional performance for companies utilizing agile methodologies, using our diverse range of researchers who are auto-enrolled based on a variety of data points to deliver the best outcomes possible. With a fast turnaround, from proposal to starting the assessment in hours, we have the pentesting solutions to meet your development strategy. Through this process, our researchers also have an opportunity to showcase their skills, knowledge, and real-world ability, a great way to secure that dream job and career they are looking for. With the highest quality solutions for businesses across Canada, Secruit is your first choice for security assessments and ongoing testing to provide the robust protection and safe, and secure environment that every client needs today.


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